Sex and Intimacy

Whether you’re looking to gain a little confidence in the bedroom or learn more about emotional intimacy, we’ve got you covered with guidance for navigating sex and intimacy.

  • Published On: June 22, 2023
    4 min read

    From unlocking the secrets of chemistry to embracing the language of love, a kiss is a powerful tool that unleashes a world of emotions. So, get ready to ignite passion, savor the sensations, and let your lips do the talking.

  • Published On: June 20, 2023
    9 min read

    This week, Dr. Avrum Weiss sits down with Master Certified Matchmaker Genevieve Gresset to discuss the long overdue topic of men's fears of being sexually inadequate in a relationship. The stigma revolving around sexual performance, along with being intimately repressed, can lead to anxiety over "not being good" in the bedroom.

  • Published On: June 1, 2023
    2 min read

    Whether it's a cozy cabin in the mountains or a tropical paradise, traveling as a couple for the first time is an experience that can be an opportunity to make unforgettable memories that will make you stronger together. But before you pack your bags and head off into the sunset, let's dive into some tips that will make your journey smooth sailing!

  • Published On: May 1, 2023
    12 min read

    What does it mean if your significant other is focusing their camera on everything but you? Join Master Certified Matchmaker Genevieve Gresset and Certified Dating Coach/Matchmaker Heather Drury as they dissect this older woman's worry about her BF's avoidance of taking her picture and the need for some self-realization. Does she have a legitimate problem to bring up, or could she be overanalyzing the situation to rationalize her insecurities about the relationship?

  • Published On: March 30, 2023
    5 min read

    If you’ve found it hard to find a spark face-to-face, your smartphone might be the reason. In her book “The Lonely Century”, author Noreena Hertz says that smartphones “have played an integral role [in] stealing our attention away from those around us”. If you’re looking down at your smartphone instead of playing the dating game in person, your love connections might be difficult to make and even harder to maintain.

  • Published On: October 19, 2022
    9 min read

    In the year 1960, something magical happened. At least, that’s how it seemed. Up until then, presidential debates were covered by newspapers or radio. Then, in 1960, American citizens gathered around to watch the two presidential candidates defend their position as future Commander in Chief–all on TV. This was the first time in history that a presidential debate was televised.

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