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Stories and Reviews from clients of The Matchmaking Company.

Client Stories

Our clients believe in the value of true, lasting love. The Matchmaking Company provides just that. Here are a few of the countless couples who have found love through our matchmaking services.

Chemistry Was There

David and Anita

After seeing how David and Anita each behaved with their first introductions, it was obvious they had the potential to get along amazingly. Our team waited patiently to see whether their first date would be a success, and it couldn’t have been better!

An Instant Spark

Pam and Alan

When Pam began her matchmaking journey, she didn’t have a lot of expectations for where it would lead. Although she hoped she would find love, she knew that hearts are fickle. She was open to the idea of meeting new friends along her journey, even if romance remained elusive.

The Journey to Him

Christina and Kris

Christina walked into our office in mid-October after a friend of hers found a wonderful relationship as a Matchmaking Company client. She knew she was tired of playing games and swiping on apps. Ready for something serious, she came to us with a simple list of preferences. All she requested was a man who was confident and a dog lover.

Matched & Engaged

Laura and Daniel

Dan never dreamed he would be divorced, but life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to. After taking the time he needed to reflect on his marriage, Dan knew he was ready to try again and to get it right this time. He began his matchmaking journey ready to find the woman he’d love for the rest of his life. He had no idea she was already waiting for him.

Active and In Love at 80

Don and Linda

His late wife had been his best friend. Fun-loving and sociable, he missed her conversation and spontaneous spirit. He knew their connection could never be duplicated, but he hoped working with a matchmaker would give him opportunities to feel a romantic spark again. He never expected to meet someone like Linda.

Road to Connection

Ron and Barbara

Barbara loved her life. She loved to wake up early and hike to watch the sunrise. She loved taking day trips by train or bus and exploring a busy downtown area. Living close to her son and daughter-in-law brought her joy every day. She just wanted someone to share it with.

Trust the Process

Ken and Sophie

When Ken began his matchmaking journey he’d expected fireworks, but things didn’t start out like that. Although his matchmakers had introduced him to a few lovely ladies, none of them were quite the woman that he was looking for. Sophie came into the picture at just the right time.

Music, Color, and Love

Lance and Sarah

After a few months, Sarah began to realize her matchmaker had found something special. Lance had become not just a partner but the nicest boyfriend Sarah had ever known, and she relished the warmth of their shared laughter and dreams. Both of them knew this was where their matchmaking journey had been leading.

A Love for Helping Others

Dave and Donna

Donna was looking to meet someone she could spend her time with, but she was not looking to settle down. A go-getter in her personal and professional lives, she needed a man who could really keep up with her. Most importantly, she wanted to be with someone who shared her strong faith and love for helping others.

Love at First Introduction

Will and Julie

We’re no strangers to the fact that dating without any guidance can be difficult. Julie considered herself an optimist, but after two marriages that didn’t work out, she was done taking chances on her own. She told her matchmaker to find her a loyal, honest, Christian man. Then, her matchmaker introduced her to Will.

Not Ready to Give Up

Maria and Charles

After months of online dating, Maria was exhausted. All she wanted was an outgoing, upbeat guy to spend her retirement with. She dreamed of relaxing on a beautiful beach with someone who would want to visit her home in Mexico. Not ready to give up on a shot at real happiness with a partner, Maria enlisted the help of our matchmakers.

An Easy Companionship

Carole and Bill

Bill had always loved to restore classic cars. After his wife of over fifty years lost her battle with illness, he felt lost and unsure how to move forward. His days were busy in the garage, but after spending his nights alone for so many years, he was ready for the next chapter of his life to begin. His marriage had been wonderful, but he missed the companionship.

Love After Loss

David and Theresa

After more than 40 years of happy memories, Theresa sadly lost her beloved husband. Eventually she found she was ready for an opportunity to find new love, so she came to our matchmakers. She also recognized her need for support while dating for the first time since her marriage, so our relationship coaches stepped in to offer a guiding hand.

It Just Made Sense

André and Sophie

Like so many of our clients, Andre and Sophie decided to work with a matchmaker because they were serious about finding a long-term relationship. They each saw a family in their near future, and  they wanted to meet others who felt the same. Luckily for them, their matchmaker noticed how their journeys seemed to parallel each other, and she asked them to take a chance.

Finally Found Her

Leigh and Rob

As a successful businessman and dedicated, single father, Rob found it difficult to dedicate time to finding the one. Despite swiping through apps and arranging dates on his own, he could never feel that spark he was hoping for. Convinced there must be a better way, he decided to reach out The Matchmaking Company for help.

Smitten Since Day One

Midge and Rich

After the death of a spouse, some may feel that they’ll never experience love again. Yet, the story of Midge and Rich shows that love can still be found after loss.

After 40 years of marriage, Midge’s husband lost his battle with a terminal illness. While she looked back on those years with fondness, for the next stage of her life, Midge wanted something new. The last several years of their marriage were dedicated to the care of her late husband. As she moved on from her grief, Midge realized that she deserved to be taken care of, too.

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