Frequently Asked Questions

Let us guide you on your dating journey. Here are some of the most common questions that are asked about matchmaking.

A Maze of Options, but Your Successful Journey Starts Here!

You have tried other dating options, but your journey has brought you here. At The Matchmaking Company it is important that we are transparent. FAQ’s provide answers for many of your questions.

First and foremost we are not an online dating service. No component of our service is based on you reviewing online profiles and selecting your own matches. At The Matchmaking Company our professional matchmakers do this for you.

Our matchmakers are highly trained and experienced in working with singles. They are there for you every step of the way during your dating journey.

A matchmaker’s main duty is to introduce our clients to like-minded singles. This process involves getting to know the personality traits, preferences, values, and goals of both our client and their potential matches. Put simply, we do whatever it takes to help our clients find the love they deserve.

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s not easy to meet people the old-fashioned way.

Between work and other responsibilities, it can be difficult to dedicate the time or energy to find real connections. While dating apps and other forms of online dating might seem convenient, swiping left and right on hundreds of profiles can take up hours of your day.

They’re also unsafe for many, often flooded with catfishes and swindlers. You may also think you know what you are looking for in a partner but all too often having a professional to support you on this journey can be the difference between successful dating or a frustrating disappointment.

We only introduce you to like-minded singles who have similar goals, interests, and values as you. Not only that–we also run background screenings on all your potential matches, taking the stress out of dating and allowing you to date with peace of mind.

We do all the work for you–saving you time, energy, and money. In today’s day and age, matchmaking just makes sense.

After being accepted as a client, your certified matchmaker will take some time to get to know you and your relationship goals. Then, you’ll get set you up with an introduction that fits both your needs and preferences.

Afterward, let us know how it went. We call this ‘feedback’ and it helps us to better understand your desires when selecting future matches. Read more about our proven process.

They say you can’t take control of your love life. But with matchmaking, you can.

The Matchmaking Company is in the business of introducing you to other commitment-minded singles. We believe there’s more to a relationship than a good first impression. That’s why we also offer comprehensive relationship coaching to help our clients throughout their dating journey.

Our entire coaching staff is trained and certified by the Love Doctor® herself, Dr. Terry Orbuch, and our Matchmakers are certified by the Global Love Institute in the science of dating and healthy relationships. Not only that–we also employ more Master Certified Matchmakers than any other company in the world.

What does this mean for you? When it comes to matchmaking–you’re getting the best of the best.

Yes! Our expert dating coaches are trained to offer in-depth, specialized support to enhance your matchmaking experience. You can make an appointment with one of our expert dating coaches at any time throughout your membership.

Our clients range from people in their 20s to people in their 90s. Our staff will work personally with you to set age parameters for your matches.

It’s a bit like trying to drive… you either sit behind the wheel and drive or you are a passenger. Love and dating are no different.

We will support you in your journey every step of the way and our coaches are used to working with clients who need a little more guidance and support to get them dating confidently. There is never a right time to be fully ready and that’s why our matchmakers and coaches are on hand to help you make the most of your dating journey with us.

Safety is always our priority. That’s why we require all our clients to pass a thorough background screening and undergo a detailed interview with our New Client Advisors.

When you go out to meet your date, you can feel assured that both you and your matchmaker know exactly who you’ll be meeting. We always encourage our clients to be safety aware and use good judgement and take responsibility for their safety at all times.

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