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By Karri Peifer

A study says “romance is dead in Richmond” due to windy Februarys

If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, Cupid will have a difficult time finding you in town.

What’s happening: Richmond ranks dead last on The Matchmaking Company’s ranking of cities where Cupid is “most likely to thrive.”

By Brody Wooddell

Tampa Bay a top spot for romance with 42% single population

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Cupid’s gaze turns towards Tampa, Florida. Here Cupid doesn’t just fly – he salsa dances through the streets, armed with a quiver full of arrows and a knack for setting up love stories that even romantic comedies can’t rival. It’s no secret that Tampa is a hotspot for singles, but did you know it’s also a top pick for Cupid himself?

According to a study by The Matchmaking Company, Tampa is where the love god does some of his best work. Let’s dive into why Tampa is the perfect setting for those “swipe right” moments to turn into “I do’s.”

By Caroline Sellers

Oklahoma City ranks among Cupid’s favorite U.S. cities

Where are you most likely to be struck by Cupid’s arrow?

According to a study by The Matchmaking Company, Oklahoma City ranks #11 among the top 15 U.S. cities favored by the god of love.

By Hannah Ortega

You’re most likely to be struck by Cupid’s arrow in Austin on Valentine’s Day, study says

Austin is the second-best city in the nation for Cupid to conduct his labor of love, according to a new study.

Yes, Cupid, as in the guy with the arrows who flies around on Valentine’s Day, making people fall in love.

The study from The Matchmaking Company examined four key categories when determining the best cities for Cupid: matchmaking potential, flying factors, search interest and Cupid activities.

By AJ Walker

Watch out for romance scams ahead of Valentine’s Day

We will soon be entering the season of love, Valentine’s Day. However, while some people are looking for love, others are looking to get paid by carrying out romance scams.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), romance scammers create fake profiles on dating sites and apps or contact you through popular social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. The scammers strike up a relationship with you to build up trust, sometimes talking or chatting several times a day. Then, they make up a story and ask for money.

By  Kyle Clark

New study says New Jerseyans struggle THIS much with dating apps

Everyone seemingly has that dream when you’re younger where you think you’re going to marry the perfect person. We think they’re just going to fall into our lap and life is going to end with the perfect happily ever after.

By Doc Holiday

Illinois Singles Rated as the Most ‘Picky’ Online Daters

There’s a new national survey of those that date online which has some interesting finds about Illinois singles. It would appear that “swipe left” is their favorite action as the Land of Lincoln is allegedly full of picky people.

By  Brooke Steinberg

The pickiest people on dating apps revealed: ‘Impossibly high standards’

It might be hard to date in the Big Apple because New Yorkers may just be superficial. That’s according to The Matchmaking Company which found residents of the Empire State are among the pickiest daters.

By Chloë Hylkema


The Matchmaking Company Makes Matchmaking Sweet and Simple for All Kinds of Daters

Imagine going into an office and taking a seat at the desk of a relationship pro. You tell them everything about yourself, from where you were born to what your high school years were like to your last bad breakup.

By Tim Johns

‘The Golden Bachelor’ praised for its groundbreaking nature, captures attention of Bay Area seniors

On Thursday, millions of people around the country tuned in to ABC’s premiere of “The Golden Bachelor.” The new show, a spinoff of the original Bachelor series, features 72-year-old widow Gerry Turner as he searches for love.

By Adam

Distracted Dating: How Does Massachusetts Stack Up?

Distracted dating is a thoroughly modern probably, thanks to smartphones. But how big of a problem is it in Massachusetts?

By Sean Nolan

New Insights on Distracted Dating

A survey of 3,100 Americans has revealed new insights about distracted dating. Almost 63% of respondents said that they would not go on a second date with someone who was distracted on their first meeting. Research conducted by The Matchmaking Company show that several factors impact the likelihood and response to distracted dating.

logo for kezj radio station

By Kat Carpenter

Can Idaho Escape the Fate of Other States and Evade Distracted Dating?

Phones have become such a prominent fixture in our lives, we have developed new medical terms as a result. The uptick in troubles with Text Neck Syndrome is a legitimate concern in this new era.

By Caroline Patrickis

‘I have so many success stories:’ DC matchmakers take on the post-pandemic dating scene

We are seeing so many people over 45 who want something more substantial, Gresset explained. Those under 45 are burnt out.

It’s likely people could start transitioning back to a more traditional way of dating with a matchmaker who connects you with someone for an in-person date.

By Kellie Galvin

Finding Love with the Fairy Godmother of Matchmaking Geneveive Gresset

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you! Meet the Fairy Godmother of Matchmaking, Genevieve Gresset who not only match making but teaches self love.

By Monica Greep

Married at First Sight couple who are the first in the show’s history to stay together say their relationship has worked because they ‘took it seriously’

Explaining why he took part in the show, Owen said: ‘I had been on the apps and met lovely women, but I’d met all my exes through friends or work and so this seemed like a good way of meeting someone properly matched with me.’

He revealed that ahead of being paired with Michelle, he was ‘grilled’  by experts Paul C Brunson, Genevieve Gresset and Dr Angela Smith – revealing the team even contacted one of his ex-girlfriends.

By  Catriona Harvey-Jenner

“We’re the only couple from Married At First Sight UK to stay together” – So what’s Owen and Michelle’s secret?

The experts saw something in Owen and Michelle that would bind them together, and they were right. But what do the couple think it was? “I think we’re very different in a lot of ways,” says Michelle, pointing to Owen’s logic and her own extreme empathy. But the fundamentals are the same, thinks Owen. “Our values match,” he tells me sagely. “We find joy in making the other person happy.”