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About Us

The people and history of The Matchmaking Company.

Relationships Start Here

“In our over 20 years in the matchmaking industry, we have helped thousands of clients find the relationship they deserve, but that had eluded them and seemed unreachable on their own. Finding and building relationships for our clients is our passion, expertise, and purpose on this planet.”

-Founder Charlee Brotherton, Master Certified Matchmaker

Our Mission

For over 20 years in the matchmaking industry, our own success has been built on the success of our clients finding love. We pride ourselves in being in the relationship business and not just a company who sets its clients up on dates. Our mission is to create long lasting, authentic, and loving relationships for our clients.

At The Matchmaking Company, we are proud to employ the largest number of Certified Matchmakers in the world. We take pride in having over 120 of the most qualified dating professionals on staff and supporting our clients.

5 Reasons You Should Date the Wrong Person

Dating Tips|

Believe it or not, the dating journey can follow the scenic route, too. While the ultimate goal of dating is to find the one and live happily ever after, there’s a lot more to the fairy tale than that. Before you dismay over kissing another frog instead of a handsome prince, here are five reasons to appreciate this step on the journey to your own royal wedding.

Traditional Dating is Back

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