Dating Over 50

Who said falling in love is only for the young? Take a look at our advice for a successful dating journey after 50.

  • Published On: March 23, 2023
    4 min read

    Believe it or not, the dating journey can follow the scenic route, too. While the ultimate goal of dating is to find the one and live happily ever after, there’s a lot more to the fairy tale than that. Before you dismay over kissing another frog instead of a handsome prince, here are five reasons to appreciate this step on the journey to your own royal wedding.

  • Published On: October 27, 2022
    6 min read

    In Charles Dickens' 1861 novel Great Expectations, we follow a young, idealistic boy eager to make the most out of life. However, after many painful experiences, he starts to realize that achieving his dreams is not as simple as it seemed. The once bright-eyed protagonist begins to feel bitter, broken, and disappointed. Dickens was right—often our expectations are too great for our own good. Whether it's for our jobs, relationships, or any other aspect of life–it's only natural to want the best for ourselves. However, if our imaginations are too spectacular, it becomes increasingly unrealistic to fulfill our desires.

  • Published On: October 18, 2022
    7 min read

    When dating someone new, it’s common to focus on potential warning signs that might lead us down a pathway to relationship disaster. Often, we are warned by family, friends, and the media to keep our eyes peeled for any potential red flag that could alert us toward dating danger.

  • Published On: October 10, 2022
    7 min read

    Introverts are an interesting bunch. While often overlooked as quiet or shy—we are so much more than that. Our natural introspection often makes us deeply empathetic, insightful, and great communicators with those willing to listen. Since we don’t socialize with everyone, we tend to take relationships very seriously. When we do make friends, they are friends for life.

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