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  • Published On: August 3, 2023
    8 min read

    Ever wondered why some men don't want to get married? Is it true that marriage is a trap to be avoided? Hear what Psychology Today author, Dr. Avrum Weiss, and Master Certified Matchmaker, Genevieve Gresset, have to say about men and marriage.

  • Published On: July 27, 2023
    6 min read

    Modern science has uncovered a host of health advantages that come with locking lips. Not only does kissing release feel-good hormones, but it can also boost your immune system, protect dental health, and even provide natural pain relief.

  • Published On: July 21, 2023
    6 min read

    It's important to have an open discussion with your partner about each other's sexual needs, but the topic can be hard to discuss early on in a relationship. Join Genevieve Gresset, Master Certified Matchmaker/guest star of Married at First Sight UK, and Heather Drury, Certified Dating/Relationship Coach, as they discuss talking about sex, the when and how of discussing sex, and why this leads to a more intimate connection.

  • Published On: July 20, 2023
    4 min read

    While the effects of loneliness on our physical, mental, and cognitive well-being are undoubtedly serious, there is hope for combating the loneliness epidemic. By understanding the factors contributing to loneliness and addressing them head-on, we can make a positive impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

  • Published On: July 13, 2023
    6 min read

    Sex can be an incredible catalyst for deepening emotional connection, and vice versa. When you invest time and effort into understanding your partner's emotional landscape—their fears, joys, and insecurities—you create an unbreakable bond that goes beyond the bedroom and enhances every aspect of your relationship.

  • Published On: July 11, 2023
    11 min read

    Why do some men feel compelled to protect and take care of women? Genevieve Gresset, Master Certified Matchmaker, asks that and more in today's episode with Dr. Avrum Weiss, author of "Hidden in Plain Sight: How Men's Fear of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships." Join Genevieve and Dr. Weiss as they break down the reasoning why men feel responsible for protecting women and how society is progressing past that stereotype.

  • Published On: July 7, 2023
    6 min read

    In addition to the emotional turmoil, the physical effects of a breakup can appear in various ways throughout your body. Addressing each is crucial in order to navigate the healing process and regain your equilibrium. Understanding the profound impact that breakups can have on your body can offer priceless insights into how to take care of yourself during this challenging time.

  • Published On: July 4, 2023
    4 min read

    In need of new date ideas in and around Fort Mill? Check out our 2023 Fort Mill City Dating Guide. If it’s a casual date, active date, a unique experience, or a romantic night out, we’ve compiled a list of great places in Fort Mill and the Charlotte area to go to on a date.

  • Published On: June 29, 2023
    3 min read

    For men, learning how to be more confident in bed can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying experience for both partners. So, if you're looking to boost your self-assurance in the bedroom, keep reading as we explore practical tips and strategies that can help you embrace your sexuality and cultivate a confident presence behind closed doors.

  • Published On: June 22, 2023
    4 min read

    From unlocking the secrets of chemistry to embracing the language of love, a kiss is a powerful tool that unleashes a world of emotions. So, get ready to ignite passion, savor the sensations, and let your lips do the talking.

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