How You’ll Know if You’re Really Compatible

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How do you really know if you’re compatible with a new partner? In the beginning of a relationship, a mix of excitement, happiness, and some nervousness can get in the way of determining your long-term compatibility.

Everything feels intoxicatingly new during the honeymoon phase. However, even from the very beginning, there are some telltale signs that your connection could be built to last.

If you’re considering whether your new connection is worth pursuing for the long haul, here are a few signs that you might be compatible in a long-term relationship.

You Have Easy Conversation

You’ll know you’re compatible if talking to them feels effortless and natural. Easy conversation, where dialogue flows smoothly and both parties feel understood, is a key indicator. There’s a natural rhythm to your discussions, allowing you to communicate your thoughts and feelings with ease.

Compatibility also extends to comfortable silences. Being together doesn’t require you to have constant conversation. Instead, you can find solace in quiet moments, feeling at ease in each other’s presence, and enjoying the tranquility of peaceful quiet. The ability to share comfortable silences is a good sign of a deeper connection, suggesting a sense of intimacy and contentment.

This kind of lull in conversation will feel different than an awkward silence. You’ll feel comfortable and content to just be together, rather than trying to search for the next topic. A comfortable silence says that you feel safe being yourself, and that your new partner feels the same.

You Have a Respectful Dynamic

You’ll know you’re compatible if there’s a strong foundation of mutual respect and supportive dynamics within your relationship.

Mutual respect forms the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Both partners demonstrate genuine regard for each other’s opinions, boundaries, and individuality. You’ll see evidence of this in how you approach differences. Do you talk through disagreements with open-mindedness, acknowledging your partner without judgment?

This mindset fosters an environment of understanding and growth, where there’s a genuine willingness to learn from each other’s perspectives. Supportive dynamics are striking evidence of a compatible relationship.

As partners, try to uplift and encourage each other. Celebrate one another’s successes and provide comfort during challenging times. This supports a strong sense of teamwork, with both individuals actively contributing to each other’s well-being and growth. A supportive environment nurtures trust and strengthens the bond between partners, reinforcing their compatibility.

You Share Core Values

Shared values are a great early sign of compatibility. Discovering alignment in core beliefs about life, relationships, family, and other important aspects can create a sense of unity in your relationship. When partners share similar values, it enhances mutual respect and facilitates deeper understanding and connection.

Shared values act like a sturdy foundation for a relationship. When you and your partner share these fundamental beliefs about what matters most, it’s like the pillars of your relationship are perfectly aligned. This alignment creates a sense of stability and trust.

Examples of Core Values:

  • Career
  • Family and Children
  • Physical Activity and Fitness
  • Honesty
  • Political Engagement
  • Intimacy and Affection
  • Social Connection
  • Spirituality and Faith

When you’re in sync with your partner on things like the importance of honesty, respect, or the value of family, it’s not just about agreeing on abstract concepts. It’s about feeling like you’re both headed in the same direction in life. This unity helps you navigate challenges together with more ease and understanding.

Furthermore, when your values align, it’s easier to support each other’s goals and dreams because you’re both working towards similar ideals. This mutual support fosters a deeper bond and strengthens the connection between you. Discovering shared values isn’t just about ticking boxes—it’s about building a solid groundwork for a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

You Have Shared Interests, Too

Whether it’s career ambitions, lifestyle choices, or future plans, finding yourselves on the same page about what you want out of life is a strong indicator of compatibility. Additionally, while you may not share every hobby or interest, having enough commonalities to enjoy spending your downtime together doing things you both love is another great sign.

Maybe it’s a passion for travel, a love of literature, or a shared enthusiasm for playing pickleball. These shared activities create bonding experiences and deepen your connection. Compatibility isn’t about being identical; it’s about finding harmony in your differences and finding joy in the things you share.

You Have a Strong Emotional Connection

You’ll know you’re compatible if there’s a strong emotional connection from the start. Despite being in the early stages of the relationship, you feel a mutual understanding and empathy. This emotional connection allows for intimacy and trust, laying a solid foundation for the relationship to grow.

Your compatibility also reveals itself in the ease and comfort you feel in each other’s presence. A natural sense of relaxation and authenticity allows you both to be yourselves without fear of judgment.

These are a few factors that contribute to a deeper sense of connection and understanding between partners, fostering a strong emotional bond that sustains and enriches the relationship over time.

Things That Can Boost a Strong Emotional Connection:

  • Similar senses of humor: Sharing a similar sense of humor creates moments of joy and laughter. Inside jokes and playful banter help to create a sense of camaraderie and closeness, strengthening your emotional bond.
  • Similar communication styles: When you and your partner have compatible communication styles, misunderstandings can be minimized, and conversations flow more smoothly. Whether you both prefer direct and straightforward communication or tend to be more nuanced and indirect, understanding each other’s communication preferences promotes communication and mutual understanding.
  • Complimentary attachment styles: Compatible attachment styles can contribute to a sense of security and trust in the relationship. If one partner has a more anxious attachment style, for example, while the other has a more secure attachment style, they can provide the support and reassurance needed to create a sense of emotional safety and stability.
  • Shared backgrounds: Shared backgrounds can provide a sense of familiarity and understanding. Whether you come from similar career paths, religious backgrounds, cultural upbringings, or geographic areas, these shared experiences can strengthen your emotional connection by providing a foundation of common experiences and values.

For example, having a similar career background may lead to more understanding and support in navigating professional challenges. Sharing the same religious or cultural beliefs can provide a framework for shared ceremonies and traditions. Being from the same geographic area may spark nostalgia and shared memories.

You Have Chemistry

It’s always a promising sign you’re compatible if there’s a palpable chemistry and attraction between you. This connection extends beyond just physical attraction. You find yourselves drawn to each other on multiple levels, feeling an irresistible pull that transcends simple appearances.

This chemistry is evident in the way you interact, with sparks flying while you’re together. Your magnetic connection fuels your desire to spend more time together, and you can’t wait to explore the depths of your connection. Your initial chemistry and attraction can serve as a strong indicator of compatibility, but it’s important to remember that a relationship needs more than chemistry alone to thrive.

A Warning About “Chemistry”: The thing about chemistry is that it’s just what it says on the tin—chemicals. An explosion of firing neurons and floods of feel-good neurotransmitters make the early stages of a new connection feel exciting. This can cloud your judgment about long-term compatibility. We recommend being cautious when entering a serious relationship. Make sure there are reasons other than chemistry why you feel you’ve found the one.

The initial spark that creates interest isn’t the same feeling that will sustain your relationship over time. To determine if there’s true compatibility underlying your initial chemistry, it’ll take time and effort from both of you.,

Final Thoughts

While these are all signs there could be more to your connection, remember that compatibility isn’t an exact science. All people and relationships are unique, and determining your compatibility is something that you’ll both have to work to maintain throughout your relationship.

“A strong foundation of communication, empathy, and personal development by each partner is essential to maintaining compatibility,” says Claudia de Llano, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of “The Seven Destinies of Love.”

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