Scandinavian Sleep Method – Pros & Cons

Published On: November 2, 2023|Categories: Dating Tips, Sex and Intimacy|4 min read|

Looking for a fun way to level up your bedtime game with your partner? Well, say hello to the trend that’s taking over the sleep routines of couples everywhere! The Scandinavian Sleep Method has lovebirds sleeping under separate blankets, and it’s gaining popularity here in the USA. Get comfy and let us dive into the potential pros and cons of this new bedtime trend.

The Pros

Reduced Disturbances

When one partner tosses and turns, pulls the covers, or kicks during sleep, it can lead to sleep disruptions. Getting a restful night’s sleep is nearly impossible when you have to battle for a blanket. Couples who share blankets may feel tension or even argue over things like cover hogging or temperature control.

With separate blankets, you can sleep in peace without worrying about your partner’s nighttime movements. You can reduce sleep-related conflicts and create a more peaceful and harmonious bedroom environment. This setup is especially useful for couples with different sleep schedules. One partner can easily go to bed later or wake up earlier without disturbing the other.

Say goodbye to cover wars and waking up to your partner’s tossing and turning. With separate blankets, you can enjoy peaceful sleep without worrying about your partner’s restlessness. This can contribute to a more peaceful night’s sleep and make you less irritable. Ultimately, this can foster a more positive and relaxed atmosphere in the relationship.

Personal Comfort

One major advantage of using separate blankets is the ability to customize your sleep environment to your liking. Each partner gets their own cozy sleep zone and can adjust the temperature to their liking, ensuring you’re comfortable all night long.

Separate blankets also allow partners to create their preferred sleep environment without worrying about disturbing each other. You get the benefits of sleeping in your own cozy cocoon, and you don’t have to give up sleeping right beside your favorite person.

This can prevent unnecessary irritations and lead to a more rested and content disposition during the day. Well-rested individuals are often in a better emotional and physical state, which can contribute to a healthier relationship. If uncomfortable bedding is causing trouble in your relationship, the Scandinavian Sleep Method may be the answer you need.

The Cons

Fewer Opportunities for Intimacy

For some couples, sharing a blanket is more than just staying warm; it’s also a way to feel physically connected to your partner. The intimacy you share is unique, and the Scandinavian Sleep Method might throw a wrench into your physical relationship. Being under the same blanket fosters closeness while using separate blankets can lead to a feeling of emotional isolation.

The blankets around you create a literal and symbolic barrier in bed, reducing opportunities for touch and physical connection. Reaching out an arm to snuggle is nearly impossible without dignity through layers of fabric. The extra bedding can also be a hindrance to any spontaneous rendezvous. Separate blankets might require you to be proactive in finding other times and ways to connect.

This perceived loss of this connection may affect the overall level of emotional, romantic, and even physical intimacy. Partners who value physical closeness during sleep might find this method diminishes their connection. Many couples rely on bedtime conversations to share thoughts, feelings, or events from the day. If you and your partner enjoy cuddling and talking in bed, the Scandinavian Sleep Method might hinder your connection.

Aesthetic Disruption

The bedroom environment plays a role in fostering relaxation, and a messy-looking bed destroys the overall ambiance. Having multiple blankets on the bed can create a more cluttered appearance in the bedroom. Depending on your decor, your ability to maintain a cohesive “look” in the bedroom could also drop significantly.

If you use separate blankets, you’ll also need to wash, fold, and put them away individually. Having two blankets on the bed equates to doing laundry and making the bed twice to get the same visually calming atmosphere. All this adds up to a bedroom environment that is less aesthetically pleasing and more difficult to maintain.

While this is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things, it shouldn’t be disregarded entirely. If aesthetics are important to you or your partner, you may struggle to keep things tidy while using separate blankets. The little things add up, and this is one more line on your weekly chore list. It may not be with the extra time and resources.

The Scandinavian Sleep Method is a fantastic way to keep everyone snug and avoid midnight disturbances. But, like all good things, it has its trade-offs; it might affect your closeness, laundry pile, and bed tidiness. However, the added comfort of a separate blanket could be the key to unlocking great sleep for you and your partner.

When it comes to choosing your own bedding, remember it’s all about your unique sleep style and the way you and your partner connect. However you sleep, chatting it out and finding a middle ground are the secrets to a great night’s rest and a happy partnership!

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