Is a Matchmaker Worth the Cost?

Published On: October 20, 2023|Categories: Dating Tips, Matchmaking|4 min read|

As matchmakers, we hear the same questions over and over. Why should I pay the cost of a professional matchmaker when online dating is cheaper, in some cases free? What value can a matchmaker add? What can they do that I can’t do myself? There are plenty of reasons to hire a matchmaker for your dating needs—here are just a few.

The Cost of Your Anchor

One thing that may be affecting your perception is the anchoring bias. As we age, our minds remain “anchored” to the prices we remember from the past. It’s why we find ourselves shocked by the price of milk, gas, and other common expenses. This is even more the case for infrequent and one-time purchases, like booking a vacation or buying a home.

We understand that beginning your matchmaking journey is a big decision, and it’s important to choose the right matchmaker. No one can promise to effortlessly find you true love; we’re not magicians. What we promise is to work tirelessly to introduce you to people who you can build a strong, loving, authentic connection with.

Matchmakers Value Your Time

Anyone who has ventured into online dating knows that it can be incredibly time-consuming. The Loupe found in a recent survey of over 1000 people who met their partner online that it takes the average American 3,960 swipes to find the one! That is a staggering 8 months and 11 days 5.83 hours a week.

We don’t know about you, but spending the better part of a year swiping and hoping for a relationship to fall from the sky doesn’t sound like much fun. Our matchmakers can introduce you to some great people, often who would never have picked for yourself or met otherwise.

They aim to offer potential partners who have been screened and vetted for compatibility and suitability. By diligently combing through our network for compatible introductions, your matchmaker does the “swiping” for you, saving you months of searching.

Saving You Headaches

In a survey conducted by Pew Research, the majority of online daters said that finding a serious partner was a major or minor reason they were swiping. This would be encouraging if the same survey hadn’t also revealed that more are looking to date casually, while just over half cited casual sex as motivator.

As matchmakers, countless clients have told us that the uncertainty of online dating has left them feeling burnt out about their love lives. And who can blame them? They were looking for compatible, committed relationships, and all they found online was confusion, pain, and anxiety.

Our matchmakers put in the legwork so you can turn up to your date, excited, curious and eager to get to know your match. They will only introduce you to singles who have been vetted and want a relationship. Matchmakers take away the hours of disappointment and protect you as much as possible from the emotional rollercoaster that dating can be.

Saving Your Confidence

We understand that rejection is par for the course. Rejection or feeling anxious about not finding someone who resonates with you is incredibly frustrating. One of the most common complaints we hear from those dating online is that they feel deflated and exhausted from rejection which leads to their confidence taking a knock.

A matchmaker can play a significant role in building your confidence by understanding your needs. They get to know you, your personality, interests and relationship goals. This will allow them to connect with potential partners who are genuinely aligned and compatible with you. This will boost your confidence in the dating process and you as an individual.

Saving You the Cost of Heartbreak

We really are our worst enemies when it comes to choosing the right partner. It is so easy to focus on superficial traits when looking for love, but the sad truth is that things like height, dress size, and profession have nothing to do with building a loving relationship.

Our matchmakers look at what is actually important to you and help you refine your key dealbreakers and view dating realistically. This keeps you open-minded enough to attract the right person into your life. By using their knowledge and expertise, they ensure the right things are taken into consideration on your dating journey.

Embracing matchmaking allows you to focus less on the challenges of dating and more on the excitement of finding a compatible partner. It’s a personalized and effective way to take control of your dating experience. Most importantly, your matchmaking journey will introduce you to incredible new people who you would never have met.

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