Our Matchmakers Tell Us Their Favorite Love Stories

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Here at The Matchmaking Company, love is always in the air. When it comes to love stories, we have a treasure trove of favorites that we can’t get enough of. From timeless classics to modern rom-coms, each holds valuable lessons about love, commitment, and the human heart. These stories reflect the complexities and joys of real-life relationships, inspiring us to believe in the power of love.

The Notebook

This romantic film is a classic. Released in 2004, The Notebook helped launch the careers of its stars into the stratosphere. Why? Because audiences instantly connected with the story on screen – a love that was both aspirational and realistically flawed.

Many love stories end when the romantic leads finally end up together, but The Notebook gives us that rare glimpse into the future to show what love looks like decades after the first spark ignites a flame.

I love The Notebook because the leads, Noah and Allie, really figure it out throughout the movie. They showed commitment, proving that the work-it-out mentality works. It shows that true love looks like loyalty and devotion.

This film shows us how important it is to appreciate a long-term relationship. You can’t take each other for granted. In order to stick it out through thick and thin, you have to learn to communicate well.

It is so powerful to show how people can grow together and share a loving relationship right up until the end.

Dawn, Dating Coach

This movie is so good that Dawn isn’t the only one on our team who shouted it out as their favorite love story. The perfectly imperfect love the characters create together is inspiring to our team because it resembles the love we see in real life.

The Notebook confirms that when you really choose someone and accept them for all that they are, you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

I would love for my clients to learn from the journey of these characters. This story showcases how love stories are never perfect. Outside influences can sabotage your path if you’re not careful. It inspires us to fight for the love we believe in, to express how we feel, and commit to someone with true vulnerability.

Heather, Dating Coach


Pride and Prejudice

It’s not just modern love stories that have our team captivated. The classics get plenty of love here too! Based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name, Pride and Prejudice is a classic love story that has made our hearts flutter for well over a century.

Perhaps the most famous slow burn of all time, Pride and Prejudice, is a story about choosing the right marriage partner. While the novel’s other characters choose based on lust or the promise of financial security, Elizabeth marries for love, and—spoiler alert—in the end, she has the happiest marriage of all.

My favorite love story is Pride and Prejudice – specifically the 2005 version with Kiera Knightley. It’s so refreshing to see characters who use beautiful words to express emotions and feelings, not just physical acts. Don’t get me wrong—that’s important in a relationship too, but where is the romance? That’s what makes the story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy unbeatable.

This film has inspired me to learn to become more emotionally intelligent and use words to communicate feelings, not physical actions. It’s a lesson I try to pass on to my clients every day.

Lori M, Matchmaker


Not every romance has to be serious and dramatic. Sometimes the funny ones are just as rich in lessons about love. Take this 2005 rom-com starring Will Smith and Eva Mendez. Hitch, a successful dating coach, has to throw out his whole playbook when love walks into his life.

He finds out that even though he’s great at giving advice to his clients, his techniques won’t work until he invests in a deeper connection. Once he leaves the lines and cool-guy techniques behind, the romance starts to heat up.

People tend to love to think about their potential partners like they’re stereotypes, but that doesn’t work in the long run. Once people can get out of their own way, they can find true love. What matters in a relationship isn’t someone’s job, money, looks, etc. It’s who they are. This advice works in all aspects of life, not just romantic relationships.

Holly, Matchmaker

Sweet Home Alabama

No matter how far you run, you can’t erase what makes you who you are. That’s one lesson from this 2002 classic starring the incredible Reese Witherspoon. In Sweet Home Alabama, the New York City life Melanie built comes tumbling down when it collides with the life she left behind in the South.

She realizes that hiding her pain behind a shiny new facade won’t make her truly happy when she rekindles with her high school sweetheart after seven years of separation. That’s powerful stuff, and our team agrees.

I am with the one. I had a crush on him when I was thirteen. We talked a little bit when we were in our twenties, but nothing came of it. We rekindled 3 years ago. I guess it just needed to be the right time! This movie mirrors that hopeful feeling of knowing you don’t know how things will end. None of us knows exactly how we’ll end up with the one we truly are meant to be with.

Lori B, Matchmaker

A Love Story from Our Clients

When your career is all love all the time, you don’t need to look at the big screen for inspiration! Our clients inspire us to keep believing in the power of love every day. From stories of overcoming dating obstacles to gaining newfound confidence, our clients keep us going.

Do I have to pick one favorite? I have several! One that really stuck with me is about a client named Adam. He was a doctor and always turned down any introduction who was a nurse. He was frustrated because after two years of matchmaking, it just wasn’t working out for him.

One day he called me. He was very frustrated and was not being too nice. After hearing him out, I finally said, “Adam, you came to us for a reason. What you were doing before was not working, but you’re asking me to look for your partner the same way. If we keep going down this road, I can’t effectively do my job as your Matchmaker. We will keep getting the same results, and you will keep getting frustrated.”

He said okay, let’s do this your way. So, later that day I called him with a new introduction. I said I had been waiting to introduce them for a while. I told him about Lydia, a nurse who I believed would be a great fit for Adam.

Right away, Adam was on guard. He did not want to meet a nurse under any circumstances. When I reminded him of our earlier conversation, he reluctantly agreed to trust me.

Eight months later, I got the news that they were engaged to be married. They sent me a wedding invitation and everything. Every year on their wedding anniversary, they thank me on Facebook for not backing down and making him trust me.

I always tell my clients they do not have to thank me, that I love what I do and my reward is knowing I helped them find love and happiness together. Stories like this inspire me to keep trusting my skills and to keep helping members to push their boundaries in a healthy productive way.

LeighAnn, Matchmaker

As matchmakers, playing a part in bringing couples together makes us show up to work in the mornings. While we love a good romance flick, our greatest joy comes from witnessing these love stories unfold in our clients’ lives.

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