23 Dating Facts for 2023

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Are you sick of feeling out of the loop when it comes to your love life? We’ve compiled a list of 23 facts and statistics about the modern dating landscape to help you get the most out of your romantic encounters in the coming months. Get ready to walk into 2023 feeling informed and ready to take on your relationship resolutions with confidence this year.

Dating Fact #01.
Nearly one-third of singles feel pressured by their families to settle down.

About two-in-ten singles on the market say they feel pressure to find a partner from friends, while around three in ten say the pressure comes from family. Nearly four in ten say they feel society is pressuring them to settle down.

Dating Fact #02.
Today’s singles are seven years older when they tie the knot.

Recent data places the average age of first marriage at 28 for women and 30 for men. That’s a full seven years older than the average first-time newlywed in 1968.

Dating Fact #03.
One-in-ten adults aren’t married to their live-in partner.

Nearly one-in-ten adults were unmarried and living with their romantic partner in 2019. This number has more than doubled in recent decades, rising from only 4% in 1990.

Dating Fact #04.
Singles over 60 are 10% less likely to be looking for a serious relationship.

Among singles age 50-59, 53% are on the market for something serious. This is compared to only 43% of singles age 60-69 who said the same.

Dating Fact #05.
Partnered men are almost 20% more likely to be employed.

In 2019, 91% of partnered men were employed, compared to only 73% of men without a partner.

Dating Fact #06.
Married patients were 14% more likely to survive a heart attack.

A study of 25,000 people found that married people who had heart attacks were 14% more likely to survive the event. They also left the hospital two days faster than their single counterparts.

Dating Fact #07.
A good relationship might have all kinds of health benefits.

Research indicates that married people report better mental health than unmarried people. In addition, people in happy relationships have been shown to have stronger immune functioning than those who are not.

Dating Fact #08.
38% of singles are snooping on would-be partners.

When asked if they’d ever turned to the internet to learn more about a would-be romantic partner, 38% of adults said they had done so.

Dating Fact #09.
47% say it’s tough out there for singles today.

Despite technology revolutionizing the dating landscape in recent years, nearly half (47%) of Americans across the board agree that dating is more difficult today than it was 10 years ago.

Dating Fact #10.
Most agree it’s a confusing time for single men, in particular.

While the increased focus on sexual harassment and assault in the last few years has sparked some much-needed conversation, 65% of people agree that it has left men feeling confused about how to interact with someone on a date. 43% said the same was true for women.

Dating Fact #11.
More than a third of singles say dating helped them become a better person.

Of those surveyed, 44% of men and 35% of women said dating helped in their personal growth throughout the past year.

Dating Fact #12.
Around two out of five retired singles are dating for companionship.

38% of retired singles are looking for friends and companionship in their dating lives, significantly more than their employed counterparts.

Dating Fact #13.
More than one-in-ten singles over 50 have dated online.

Among adults aged 30 to 49, 38% have used an online dating platform, while 16% of those 50 and older have done the same.

Dating Fact #14.
45% of singles are frustrated with dating sites and apps.

In a recent study of American singles, 45% of those who’d been swiping or scrolling to find love reported feeling frustrated. That’s compared to only 28% who said their online dating profiles made them feel hopeful.

Dating Fact #15.
Nearly a fifth of singles over 50 say online dating doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

When asked why they would never try an online dating site, 18% of singles 50+ said it just doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Other reasons included the perceived risk of talking to strangers (12%) and hearing horror stories from others about online dating (13%).

Dating Fact #16.
The majority of online daters have never been married.

Although roughly one-in-five Americans who have used an online dating platform are married or cohabitating, just over half of current and former online daters have never been married.

Dating Fact #17.
The overwhelming majority agree – it’s not about the money.

Singles overwhelmingly agree. 97% would seriously date someone who makes significantly more money than them. Interestingly, the vast majority (86%) would also get serious with someone who makes significantly less money than them.

Dating Fact #18.
Around half of online daters want better messages.

Across the board, 61% of men and 44% of women say their online dating profiles don’t receive enough messages from people they actually want to date.

Dating Fact #19.
Two-thirds have seen someone they know on dating platforms.

The online world is small! Approximately two out of three online daters say they have happened upon the profile of someone they know in their offline life.

Dating Fact #20.
Men’s and women’s online dating struggles are different.

While 41% of men said they struggle to find someone who shares their hobbies and interests, 39% of women said they have a hard time finding someone they’re physically attracted to.

Dating Fact #21.
About a quarter of singles who tried didn’t find any dates online.

Of those who have tried to date online, nearly one-in-four never even made it out on a date with anyone they met on their chosen platform.

Dating Fact #22.
While dating has gone online, breakups are still in-person events.

Most people agreed that it is never okay to enlist technological help to break up with someone. In fact, fewer than 15% said it’s alright to break up through a text message or email.

Dating Fact #23.
A small but surprising 12% of people found love online.

Although most haven’t met the one online yet, more than one-in-ten American adults have been in a committed relationship with or married someone they met on an online dating platform.

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