Looking for Love: The Best U.S. Cities to Be Cupid

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The Best U.S. Cities to Be Cupid

This Valentine’s Day, where is Cupid’s love-inducing arrow most likely to find its mark? The God of Love is fabled to be a legendary matchmaker, but there are some cities that make his job a little easier. Keep reading to see if your city will be the best host for Cupid — and if you’re in the right spot to be matched with your dream Valentine!

Which Cities Would Make the Perfect Setting for Cupid?

When it’s time for Cupid to pick the perfect city for his mischievous adventures, a lot of important factors waltz into the equation, each playing a big role in his success. So, what exactly does he look for when flying by this February?

Matchmaking Potential

A higher population density, percentage of single people, and walkability score mean more chances for Cupid to work his matchmaking magic. Areas with restaurants also make the perfect backdrop for romantic dates, giving Cupid plenty of spots to set people up.

Flying Factors

Because Cupid’s main method of transportation is flying, he has to take into consideration factors that will affect his ability to do so. Cities with high elevation, limited aviation facilities, and little wind in February all allow him to fly about freely and precisely shoot his arrow.

Search Interest

Cities searching for words like “matchmaker” and “cupid” are a great location for Cupid to be because the residents are actively seeking help and guidance in matters of love and relationships.

Cupid Activities

Cupid doesn’t work 24/7, so he’ll want to go somewhere full of his favorite hobbies. Cities with a high density of archery ranges, candy stores, and matchmaking locations give him the ideal place to practice his skills. While he may be ageless, Cupid is an eternal child, and a daycare center can make him feel at home.

15 U.S. Cities Where Cupid Works His Love Magic Best

A U.S. map depicting the top 15 U.S. cities to be cupid
#1. El Paso, TX

It’s no surprise the city that inspired Marty Robbins’ classic song “El Paso” about a love-struck cowboy made the top of the list! Its high population density, search interest for matchmakers, and daycare services made it stand out to Cupid as having the most potential.

#2. Austin, TX

With one of the largest concentrations of craft breweries in the U.S. and a thriving food truck scene, Austin has plenty of dating hot-spots. Its presence of a Matchmaking location, high walkability score, and number of restaurants are what drew Cupid in.

#3. Tampa, FL

Tampa is a vibrant dining and nightlife destination, making it a great place for Cupid to work his magic. This city caught his eye due to its high single population, presence of matchmaking locations, and walkability score.

#4. Little Rock, AR

Little Rock’s rich musical history and flourishing outdoor spaces that allow Cupid to dance through the skies, making it fit for first dates that are bound to turn into lifetimes.

#5. Greensboro, NC

Dubbed the “Tournament Town” for its history of hosting a wide-range of sporting events, Greensboro is home to a dreamy downtown district and a plethora of museums that will keep your lovelife on its toes. Whether you’re a tourist or you call this city home, be on the lookout for Cupid’s arrow!

#6. Milwaukee, WI

The typewriter was invented in Milwaukee, giving you the perfect opportunity to write awe-inspiring love letters for the apple of your eye. As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee grants Cupid endless possibilities.

#7. Minneapolis, MN

Home to the single-girl-in-the-big-city trope since “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in the 1970s, it’s no wonder Minneapolis enticed Cupid. Its famous freezing weather will allow those he brings together to snuggle up and get close.

#8. Poughkeepsie, NY

Poughkeepsie’s location on the Hudson River is overflowing with romantic views. With 42% of its population being single, Cupid just couldn’t stay away!

#9. Scranton, PA

Who doesn’t want a love story akin to Jim and Pam’s? Scranton has a lot of candy stores and a large single population, making it easy for Cupid to help you find the partner of your dreams!

#10. Dayton, OH

As the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, Dayton has ideal flying conditions for Cupid. It was also the home of poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, giving your partner plenty of inspiration to write enchanting poetry starring you as the muse.

#11. Oklahoma City, OK

With matchmaking locations and a high search interest for terms like “cupid” and “matchmaker,” Oklahoma City is teeming with people in need of Cupid’s services. Once struck by Cupid’s arrow, be sure to give your partner an Oklahoma Rose!

#12. Philadelphia, PA

It turns out that the City of Brotherly Love also ranks high on the list for romantic love! With a multitude of murals and historical sites, this city has a high walkability score that allows Cupid ample time to shoot his shot.

#13. Sarasota, FL

Once the home of Mae Hansen Prodie, the original creator of Barbie’s wardrobe, Sarasota is a great location for Cupid to help Barbie and Ken connect. The presence of matchmaking locations in this city lets the God of Love know that people here need his help.

#14. Palm Bay, FL

As the childhood home of Poison’s Bobby Dall, it’s impossible not to associate romance with Palm Bay when listening to iconic love songs like “I Won’t Forget You.” This city has a nearly endless amount of restaurants to choose from, giving Cupid’s lovebirds plenty of perfect date spots.

#15. Chicago, IL

Chicago may be known as The Windy City, but winds are relatively low in February, allowing Cupid to freely flit about and set people up just in time for Valentine’s Day. With lakefront views, ample green space, and over 60 museums, there’s no shortage of places that will leave a lasting impression on your date.

Cupid’s Favorite Cities: The Top Picks in Each Category

Graphic depicting the cities with the highest ranking in different categories

Although not every city can make the top 15, they might still be on Cupid’s radar this Valentine’s Day! Below are his favorite cities based on their single population, search interest for “matchmaker,” and number of archery ranges per 100,000 people.

Percent of Single Population

  1. Honolulu, HI
  2. Provo, UT
  3. Virginia Beach, VA
  4. Wilmington, NC
  5. Phoenix, AZ

Search Interest for “Matchmaker”

  1. Lakeland, FL
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Cleveland, OH
  4. Omaha, NE
  5. El Paso, TX

Number of Archery Ranges Per 100k People

  1. Hartford, CT
  2. Fort Myers, FL
  3. Columbus, OH
  4. Ogden, UT
  5. Orlando, FL

Full City Ranking

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In our quest to identify the most suitable cities for Cupid, we analyzed the top 100 cities using MSA rankings, focusing on 13 distinct criteria that we believe are important for Cupid to thrive.

Each factor was assigned a weight reflecting its significance for Cupid. We then rated these criteria on a scale from 0 to 5, accumulating a total score ranging from 0 to 100 for each city, where 100 signifies the most optimal environment for Cupid. 

Furthermore, we delved deeper into the analysis, examining how these cities fare in individual aspects related to Cupid’s friendliness. Details on our ranking factors can be found below.

Highest State Peak 0.50 Peakbagger
Number of Aviation Facilities 0.75 Global Air
Wind during February (mph) 1.50 Timeanddate.com
Number of Archery Ranges per 100k people 2.00 Yelp
Number of Candy Stores per 100k people 2.00 Yelp
Number of Child Day Care Services per 100k People 2.00 U.S. Census
Percent of Single Population 3.00 U.S. Census
Population Density 1.50 Governing.com
Number of restaurants per 100k people 2.00 U.S. Census
City Walkability Score 0.75 Walkscore.com
Search interest for “Cupid” Over the Past 12 Months 2.00 Google Trends
Search interest for “Matchmaker” Over the Past 12 Months 2.00 Google Trends
Presence of a Matchmaking Location 1.00 The Matchmaking Company
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