Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of David and Anita

Anita hadn’t even thought about dating in years. In the thirty years since her divorce, she’d devoted herself to her friends, her animals, and her faith. For a long time, that was enough, but she’d begun to long for a companion to share her life with. 

She didn’t have a laundry list of requirements for her future partner. She just wanted someone who would make her laugh and smile. She wanted to be with someone who had just as big of a heart for others as herself.

David’s matchmaking story began when his wife of thirty-three years passed away following a long illness. Although he missed his late wife, he hoped that his matchmaking journey would bring him an opportunity to connect with someone new. His matchmaker noticed his calm, laid-back demeanor in their conversations, and a lightbulb went off. 

After seeing how David and Anita each behaved with their first introductions, it was obvious they had the potential to get along amazingly. Our team waited patiently to see whether their first date would be a success, and it couldn’t have been better!

As matchmakers, the one thing we can’t control is chemistry. Luckily for us—and for David and Anita—there was plenty of it in the room the night they met. They hit it off spectacularly, and before we knew it, these two were happily engaged!

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