Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of Dave and Donna

Donna was looking to meet someone she could spend her time with, but she was not looking to settle down. A go-getter in her personal and professional lives, she needed a man who could really keep up with her. Most importantly, she wanted to be with someone who shared her strong faith and love for helping others.

When our matchmakers met Dave, they could tell right away he was a man of action. Dave wasn’t one to sit around and talk about what he wanted to do — he just went out and did it. His passion and zest for life could be matched only by his heart for service. Dave always lived to help those around him, and his loved ones knew they could rely on him in a tight spot.

Naturally, our team thought these two would get along well. When Felicity and Rebecca told Donna about this introduction, she beamed at the possibility of meeting such a man. Dave called her right away, and they set up a date for a few days after. Then they each waited giddily for the day to arrive.

Donna says that meeting Dave was like watching her life unfold before her. His carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude complimented her own optimistic view perfectly. When the date ended, she couldn’t wait to tell her matchmaking team how much fun she had with this humble, kind, energetic man.

Dave’s glowing feedback wasn’t far behind. He had the time of his life with Donna, too! He couldn’t believe how wonderful this introduction had been. His matchmakers outdid themselves, and he thanked them for introducing him to such a gorgeous, sweet, down-to-earth woman. 

The good feelings kept coming the more time they spent together. They still can’t believe how well they get along, and both their days are brighter with the other around. Donna and Dave say they have fallen madly in love with each other. They are happily engaged and they can’t wait to go on their next adventure together.

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