Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of Christina and Kris

Christina walked into our office in mid-October after a friend of hers found a wonderful relationship as a Matchmaking Company client. She knew she was tired of playing games and swiping on apps. Ready for something serious, she came to us with a simple list of preferences. All she requested was a man who was confident and a dog lover.

Our matchmaking clients lead busy, vibrant lives, and this can make scheduling a date difficult. Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately—this is what happened at the beginning of Christina’s matchmaking journey. A string of miscommunications and “phone tag” complicated her meeting with her first introduction. Not wanting to become discouraged, she asked if her matchmaker had anyone else in mind.

It didn’t take long for Christina’s matchmaker to think of Kris. A calm, confident, athletic guy, he was a great fit for Christina on paper. Real life is always more complicated, though, so their matchmaker waited with bated breath to hear feedback from their first date.

Here at The Matchmaking Company, we’re a little skeptical of love at first sight, but even we can’t deny that sometimes sparks fly right away. Their first date was amazing, and so was their second. Christina says that Kris is everything she never knew she needed, and he feels the same way. Before the month of October ended, Christina’s matchmaking journey had reached its destination.

The two of them went on Happy Hold together, and the rest is history! Today, they’re happily married and having a great time exploring their connection with one another. Their days are filled with sunrise hikes, sunset dinners, and plenty of love and laughter.

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