Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of Andre and Sophie

Like so many of our clients, Andre and Sophie decided to work with a matchmaker because they were serious about finding a long-term relationship. They each saw a family in their near future, and they wanted to meet others who felt the same. Luckily for them, their matchmaker noticed how their journeys seemed to parallel each other, and she asked them to take a chance.

Between Andre’s hilarious sense of humor and Sophie’s outgoing, friendly nature, the conversation flowed easily from the very beginning. Sophie was smitten. She couldn’t wait to tell her matchmaker! It was love at first sight, and her relationship with Andre is the healthiest of her life. 

Over the next several months, their connection grew deeper. Andre’s entire outlook on life was turned around by his relationship with Sophie, and his open and honest communication made it easy for Sophie to fall in love as well. When Sophie met Andre’s family, she fit right in. When they started talking about moving in together, it just made sense.

It didn’t take long before Andre knew he had met the perfect woman for him. He wanted to do things perfectly, so he went to see Sophie’s father. After receiving his blessing, Andre proposed using Sophie’s mother’s ring. Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, Sophie said yes. Today they are happily engaged and planning a lovely Autumn ceremony to be attended by their closest loved ones.

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