We took a road trip

By Published On: November 1, 2023Categories: Happy Holds

When I went on happy hold in August for R neither of us could believe we found someone at our age and didn’t think this could really work. We took a road trip to trade in his new Corvette for a new Cadillac (just as fast) and we knew it would make us or break us. We talked the entire way there and he let me drive back! We had a wonderful time.

In the last two months we have traveled to Angel Fire, R put a brick in the Veteran Memorial, and went on a short road trip to meet my extended family. We had talked about not feeling it necessary to be married. R’s friends all say he smiles all of the time. They knew how miserable and lonely he was.

Something changed and we felt so happy and lucky to have found this kind of love at this age we decided we did want to get married. We were driving in the car talking about it and haven’t really told anyone except one of my family members who said we should call Lori! We will get married in Las Vegas. We already have the marriage license and it will be waiting there for us to pick up when we get married later this month. We will then have an island honeymoon in a place R has been enjoying traveling to for years.