Taking it slow at the moment

By Published On: June 9, 2023Categories: Happy Holds

I never accepted a second date with anyone up to now. J recontacted me and we met in person again. We had long phone conversations twice. He is intelligent, friendly and empathetic. He is a good photographer and has a cute little dog, Oliver. He is not an ‘Adonis’, but I’m starting to feel that by getting to know him better, I could trust him which is very important for me. At this moment we’re taking it slow. I consider him more as a “friend”, since we haven’t made anything official yet. He met several matches already without finding what he is looking for. When I asked him what was missing he said ” I do not know”.

I do not know either where this “relationship” is going, but want to give it a serious try. So I decided to put my membership on hold.