Keeping my fingers crossed

By Published On: February 2, 2024Categories: Happy Holds

He is very easygoing and fun to be with. He makes me laugh with all his stories. He is a talker, but so am I, so we get along great. He is a little bit of a neat freak, but so am I. So another thing that I think will work well with us. We’ve talked about just about everything so far.

There is no stress at all right now. We just enjoy each other’s company. He is a church-going man, and that makes me very happy. That is what I was looking for and is important to me. He’s already invited me to his church.
He has a dog, as do I. So that also has worked out very well for us. We have that in common and are compatible on that issue too.

So keeping my fingers crossed that he’s the one. We will see.