I was skeptical at first

By Published On: March 13, 2023Categories: Happy Holds

I am going to be honest. I was skeptical at first, but took a leap of faith and went to the interview and became member. When Julian called me for this introduction, at first I wanted to say no, but he told me how amazing this introduction is. That night we spoke and I just could not believe how much alike we are and how we connected right away! We met at a cafe the next day. From first moment, I felt I had known him for years. He speaks my language, we have SO MUCH in common, and I could check all the boxes of finding my perfect man. He is romantic, loving, caring, honest, communitative and has the biggest heart. He is charming, attractive and makes me feel I am the happiest person on the planet earth. I just believe we have found our other half and I sincerely want to thank Julian and team for making my dream become my reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!