He was kind to the waitress

By Published On: November 30, 2023Categories: Happy Holds

A was different right away. His text was pointed, respectful and clear when he reached out to me. The first time I heard his voice, it was powerful and gentle. A planned a date for us from two hours away completely in my hometown. He picked me up, brought me flowers. He looked absolutely gorgeous and had a huge bright smile. His goofy charm, quick humor, open communication and fearless authenticity was pouring all over our first encounter.

The way he was kind to the waitress (grabbed a pitcher of water she didn’t know she was spilling) and then quickly put her at ease about her mishap was genuine kindness. A’s steady ambition and meticulous planning bring me ease in every way. I am not wondering what he thinks or what his intentions are with me. He lets me know. He pursues me and I am happy to receive him and pursue him back. He is an exhale to be around.

As an executive woman, A not only meets my energy, he is not intimidated by it. His listening with thoughtful advice feels like the power couple dynamic that I’ve been craving and praying for. His hope and love for family, his tender heart towards his dreams and his open mind have absolutely melted me. A is all man and all best friend. I am blessed beyond measure to have met someone I believe is my incredibly sexy future. They say, when you know. I know. It seems they were right

Mika listened to my feedback thoroughly. She got to know how I tick and how I operate perhaps more deeply than I even realized. She is absolutely incredible at her job.