He remembers things I like

By Published On: November 20, 2023Categories: Happy Holds

G is very considerate. He listens to what I am saying and makes mental notes of things I like. He is also very communicative. We talk or text pretty much daily now. He has taken the lead on making most of the arrangements to meet and has been picking me up ever since that first meet-up.

We seem to have a similar type of sense of humor, I noticed that right off. He doesn’t let much time go by between our dates. I appreciate his effort in showing that he is interested in exploring our relationship. He has talked of looking forward to future adventures we may have. He is a gentleman, but not hesitant in showing his desire for affection.

I am grateful that Irene listened to my feedback and reached out to G to introduce us. I am also impressed that G was open minded about meeting someone older than he is. I am interested in seeing more of G and getting to know each other on all levels. Time will tell, but with that said I want to pursue this relationship. I think now is the appropriate time to go on Happy Hold. Thank you Irene!