Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of Ron and Barbara

Barbara loved her life. She loved to wake up early and hike to watch the sunrise. She loved taking day trips by train or bus and exploring a busy downtown area. Living close to her son and daughter-in-law brought her joy every day. She just wanted someone to share it with.

Early in her matchmaking journey, she found this with Jack*. They loved each other and their families. They had so much in common, and their days were full of laughter and conversation. They shared three wonderful years together before Jack’s passing. 

After some time had gone by, Barbara began to feel like she was ready to try matchmaking one more time. She’d met one incredible man already, and she had hope that she would cross paths with another. With the blessing of her own children as well as Jack’s, she called her matchmaker. 

When they talked about what Barbara was looking for in a companion, her matchmaker learned how important classic cars had been in her life. She missed walking around at car shows, and she wanted to meet someone who wanted to admire an engine with her. This sparked an idea; her matchmaker knew exactly who to introduce Barbara to.

As a member of a Corvette club, Ron spent plenty of time admiring classic cars. His dream was to take his Corvette on a road trip across the country, but he wasn’t wild about the idea of traveling solo. When his matchmaker introduced him to the adventurous, hilarious, charming Barbara, he knew he’d found his travel companion.

Barbara and Ron are now happily together and enjoying everything life has to offer. They’ve road-tripped down every highway around, and they’re always planning the next trip. The two of them were married in a lovely ceremony attended by Barbara’s children, and they couldn’t be happier with their choice to call our matchmakers.

*Name changed for privacy