Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of Pam and Alan

When Pam began her matchmaking journey, she didn’t have a lot of expectations for where it would lead. Although she hoped she would find love, she knew that hearts are fickle. She was open to the idea of meeting new friends along her journey, even if romance remained elusive.

Starting off, Pam met a couple of men who weren’t quite right for her. However, by this point in her journey, Pam’s matchmaker was getting an idea of who she was, not just as a person, but as a relationship partner. Our team searched and found Alan. They knew it would be a great introduction, if only they’d be willing to drive a few extra miles.

Luckily, they both agreed. When Pam met Alan, there was an instant connection. A warm and friendly guy, Alan loved to connect with the people in his life, but he struggled opening up to new people. Pam’s open and outgoing demeanor brought him right out of his shell. 

While she hadn’t expected to find sparks with anyone, they were certainly flying the night of Pam and Alan’s first date. Their conversation flowed like water, and their second date was already planned when Pam gave feedback to her matchmaker.

The lovebirds are happily together today. Although the extra bit of distance between them has created challenges in the past, they’ve always made it work. They love laughing together, and Alan says they finish each other’s sentences. 

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