Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of Maria and Charles

After months of online dating, Maria was exhausted. All she wanted was an outgoing, upbeat guy to spend her retirement with. She dreamed of relaxing on a beautiful beach with someone who would want to visit her home in Mexico. Not ready to give up on a shot at real happiness with a partner, Maria enlisted the help of our matchmakers.

Her matchmaker introduced her to a couple of great guys, but she just wasn’t feeling a spark yet. Not ready to give up on the matchmaking process, Maria decided to be honest with her matchmaker. What she truly needed was someone who could be consistent and reliable, and her matchmaker knew just the man.

When Maria met Charles, it was like things began to slowly fall into place. They just made sense together. His gentle, affectionate nature put her at ease right away. He told her that he’d never had the chance to see many places, but that he was looking for a travel companion. He knew that Maria’s laughter and zest for life were exactly what his days were missing.

As time went on, Charles and Maria kept seeing more of each other. They started going on hikes and planning trips together months in advance, each feeling certain about their feelings for the other. The couple is still happily planning trips around the world. They’ve already made it to Mexico once, and they plan to have many return visits together.