Matchmaking Success Story

The Love Story of David and Theresa

After more than 40 years of happy memories, Theresa sadly lost her beloved husband. Eventually, she found she was ready for an opportunity to find new love, so she came to our matchmakers. She also recognized her need for support while dating for the first time since her marriage, so our relationship coaches stepped in to offer a guiding hand.

She didn’t know it at the time, but her future husband was making the same decisions. After the passing of his high school sweetheart, David also knew that the dating game had changed over the decades of his marriage, so he enlisted the help of our matchmakers and coaches. 

It wasn’t long before our team started buzzing about how perfect he and Theresa were for each other. It was like Theresa and David had lived parallel lives. When their matchmaker saw how they each made family their first priority, she knew this could be something really special. 

Since this would be both David and Theresa’s first introduction, their coaches encouraged them not to put too much pressure on themselves. They introduced the Three Date Rule, a framework for dating that allows two people to test their compatibility and chemistry while creating a genuine emotional connection. Instead, their goal was to focus on whether they enjoyed each other’s company.

And enjoy they did! The idea of falling for someone so early in their matchmaking journey was overwhelming, but they both felt the chemistry between them. At that point, there was no turning back. Their connection only grew stronger, and eventually they decided to make things more official. 

Theresa and David were wed in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their closest loved ones. To celebrate this chapter of their life together, they invited their children and grandchildren to join them on a honeymoon cruise, the first of many family get-togethers to come.

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